Friday, 11 February 2011

The Paxman Rap

I simply must share this wonderful mashup, created by my clever and adorable girlfriend, @sliderulesyou (on Twitter), with a video put together by her highly talented friend, @divaschematic. It features Jeremy Paxman dropping a C-bomb on BBC's Newsnight programme, whilst introducing an item about anti-cuts protests by the group, UK Uncut, in which I also participate:

In addition to that, I would also like to share my little re-write of a verse from the famous Eton Boating Song. To those going on the upcoming UK Uncut protests (on 19th and 26th Feb) against bankers' bonuses, feel free to take this up and sing it:

Jolly banking weather,
though the country is on its knees.
We're not in this together;
with bail-outs on top of their fees,
they'll run hell for leather
with their bonuses overseas,
and run hell for leather
to a tax haven overseas.

Better still, add a few more verses!

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