Sunday, 19 June 2011

Epitaph to Brian Haw 1949-2011. RIP

My personal tribute to Brian Haw, campaigner for peace, truth, liberty and justice, who died yesterday, aged 62 after a battle against cancer. His greatest battle, however, was against the politicians who lied in order to take our nations to unjust and unnecessary wars around the world. These wars are still in progress even as new ones begin, justified by fresh lies:

Epitaph to Brian Haw

If one lone fool in Parliament Square 
could speak the truth, then cast
an army of such fools - and dare
that peace be yours at last.


Unlike the politicians and war-mongers against whom he protested, Brian Haw will be missed by millions around the world. There is a Guardian obituary here and Haw's own website is here. There is also a tribute from film maker and activist, Chris Atkins, on Youtube here. Deepest sympathy to Brian's family.

Brian Haw 1949-2011. Photo from Socialist Unity 2009.

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